What is YourTechExplained?

YourTechExplained is our vision to enlighten everyday people about the technology in their homes and pockets. Many people have smartphones, tablets, and computers but many do not know how to properly use them. Young or old there is always an opportunity to learn more about the technology in our lives. Our goal is to help everyone learn about the devices they use and how the changes in the industry can affect them.



Our Staff

Andrew Romero — Co-Owner, YouTube Host

Alex Garcia — Co-Owner, YouTube Host

Ben Schoon — Co-Owner, Editor

Ian McIlwraith — Editor/YouTube Host

Patrick Campanale — Editor

Jeff McIntire — Writer/Editor

Perryn Andrews — Writer

Keyan X — Writer

Neal Jacob — Writer

Macaulay Wentz — Gaming Writer/Reviewer

Jason England — Writer/Reviewer

Kyle Smoot — Writer

Thor Schroeder — YouTube Host

Nathan Bass — Writer

Kyle Reddoch — Writer

Simon Sickle — Developer/Contributing Writer