So, today is the day Apple fans across the world have been waiting for a while. The iPhone 5S, 5C and final versions of iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks are expected to be shown off today. Let’s take a look at what I predict to happen.

Firstly, the iPhone 5S. As it is an s model of an iPhone, it will be basically the same as the last generation but with upgraded specs. In terms of the camera, sources are pointing towards an upgraded LED flash for the phone, in addition there will probably be a few enhancements to the camera software. Next, the battery life will most likely get an upgrade making the iPhone last longer on a charge. The processor will also be upgraded with the release of the A7 processor, which is rumoured to be a dual-core processor that is significantly faster than the older A6. There may also be a few aesthetic enhancements to make the phone look better and possibly stronger. The box will still include the same items, so you’ll get the phone, lightning to USB cable, USB to wall adaptor, as well as the Apple Earpods with remote and mic.


The iPhone 5C is pretty much confirmed as cases are for it are already on Amazon

The iPhone 5C is pretty much confirmed as cases are for it are already on Amazon

Moving on, there is the new device to the Apple family. This will be the iPhone 5C, the low-cost iPhone aimed at emerging markets. The phone will most likely be able in various colours (similar to the iPod Touch, but with a different finish). So, people may ask, what makes the iPhone 5C different than the 5S. Well, primarily the cost, the 5C is expected to cost substantially less than the 5S. However, the low-cost does mean compromise on some specs. Firstly, the Camera will most likely be similar to that on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. So, don’t expect too much from the camera. Next, the processor will definitely not be an A7, instead it will probably be an A5 or A6 chip. The screen will most likely be the same screen from the iPhone 5, and the 5C will definitely feature a 16:9 aspect ratio on the screen, and the device will boast a lightning port. Other cutbacks that may be made to lower the cost of the 5C may include removing the USB to wall adaptor from the box, and featuring Earpods without the remote and mic.

Finally, the software. iOS 7 will bring an all-new design to iOS as shown in the various videos. The keynote will most likely go over some of the new iOS 7 features and how they can make the daily life of an iPhone user better. In addition, a few surprises are always expected, I am personally expecting a few more enhancements to AirPlay, as well as some of the logos being tweaked for the public version of iOS 7. Also in terms of iOS, predictions are also being made that the iLife apps (iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand) as well a possibly the iWork suite for iOS will go free. Lastly, they will most likely show some of the new features added to Mac OS X Mavericks, and will go over release dates and confirm pricing for this new version of the Mac operating system.

This iPhone event is really one looking forward to, because there is probably something in there for you if you own an Apple device. Also, be sure to look out for our recap of the event, as we will go over what was covered.