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Why Google+ Will Overtake Facebook…

Why Google+ Will Overtake Facebook…

It’s Google:

– Millions use every second. So they already know and for the most part trust Google. Google is in their phone, Android or iOS. Somehow, some way, Google is part of your life.

Many People Already Have One, They Just Don’t Know It:

– Anyone who owns an Android device, has a YouTube channel, or has a Gmail account technically already has a Google+ account, it just needs to be activated. This is one of the reasons that Google+ has experienced so much growth lately.


– Unlike Facebook, Google+ has the ability to gather people of similar interests together. There are communities for almost everything you could imagine. From Android to Apple, Nexus to Samsung, Food to Fitness and anything else you can imagine. And you can even create a community for your friends or for the public!

Not Everyone Is Your “Friend

– On Google+ you don’t have to be “friends” with EVERYONE, like on Facebook. If you want to follow someone you they aren’t necessarily your friend.

No Ads

– The title explains it all… Google supports this product by itself. They don’t have other companies pay for through the use of ads. On Facebook, ads are as common as the posts.


– Instead of just chatting with your friends (which you can also do…), you can actually see them. Plus it’s better than Skype because it’s completely free. Hangouts are also good for businesses such as tech review sites (Android Authority, The Verge, iTechTriad, etc.)


– While yes, everyone has a Facebook and developers realize that, they aren’t the only social network out there. While you can sign-in with Facebook, you can do the same with Google+. Also, you can’t go type a document on Google Drive, or send an email while you see your notifications at the same time.


– Facebook’s app are OK, but when compared to Google’s, it’s comical. Google brought their experience in app developing into their Android and iOS Google+ apps.


– Granted that yes, Facebook has nearly twice the amount of users as Google+, the growth rate Google+ is accelerating at is non-comparable. Google+ currently has about 359 million active users. Over a 30% increase since June of the previous year. Facebook has about 665 million active users. But here’s the difference. In my experience, most people now don’t necessarily use Facebook for the social part of it, they use it for games. While yes, Google+ has games too and in the future Google’s sign-in feature will be expanded to games, apps, and more.

Facebook Home

– Yes, Facebook released their “phone”. They developed a launcher that is for one real purpose, to completely immerse you into your Facebook account. Facebook home literally takes over your phone, from the home screen to the lock screen. Do you know what Google+’s version of that is? Android. Google+ is built into the the Android OS. It doesn’t take over your phone by making you use it. Facebook Home is good in theory, but in reality, it’s just too much.


Any questions why Google+ is better now??? Which one do you like better? Let me know in the comments!



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