Sony took to the stage at the Tokyo Game Show to announce the excellent-looking PS Vita TV micro-console, which lets you play portable games on a television, it has cards slots for you to play PS vita games and it also will take PS Vita memory cards for you to play PSone classics and PSP games, you will be able to play these games with the Dualshock 3.


It will also support streaming videos such as Hulu and Netflix. Another big feature is it lets you play Ps4 games via remote play with the dualshock 4 but this feature will be added one later with future updates.

This Vita TV which is that size of a deck of cards will launch in Japan this November, but Sony currently has no plans to bring the device to the West. Sony’s Andrew House stressed that Vita TV is aiming at China, South Korea, and Japan. Its future in the United States and Europe remain uncertain. The PS Vita will launch to be around $100 and a special edition with a 8GB VIta memory card and a Dualshock 3 around $150