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Blender Animation Software – Explained

Blender Animation Software – Explained

In the recent months, I had gotten my hands on a free software. One that allowed me to model and animate all within this one program. As wonderful as this sounds, you need to realize that this is just a free version with a lot of tools and modifiers, and a lot of other stuff that’ll probably overwhelm you at sight.

Blender is a free source program that allows you to have custom add-ons in the user preferences menu, create a 3d model, and animate. In blender 2.62 and under, you only had two render engines. The default render is “blender render”. The other is a game engine, which is exactly what it sounds like. I haven’t had much experience with this engine because I’ve been doing most of my modelling and animation in the blender render. Now, with blender 2.67 and up–the highest is 2.68 at the moment–it comes with a new render engine, which is called cycles render. This one basically does what the other engine does, but it does it much faster, which is what I like.

There are tons of views in the software, but it would take too long to actually explain in detail, so I’m just gonna give you a brief summary.

You can animate, add nodes to change how an object behaves, have an animation window, edit the faces and vertices of any object. You can also do bone rigging, and create almost anything if you have a knack for 3d modelling, and many other things that I could go on about, but if you wanna learn more, you might wanna check out their website and download it if you’re interested.

Keep in mind, this is a very difficult software to learn, and without a proper teacher, you could be spending a lot of time watching tutorials and other videos to try and teach yourself how to do all the various things in this program. I’ll be teaching myself the software over the coming months.

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