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My Experience With Google Glass

My Experience With Google Glass

Today I was able to use Google Glass for the first time at their Durham event. When we got to the we signed in and then got a through explanation of how Glass worked. They brought out some very interesting features of Glass like the fact that it is made out of extremely durable Titanium metal. They also mentioned how the product was developed in Google’s X Lab. That surprised me since they rarely publicly mention that part of the company. He brought out how Glass was extremely light and it felt nice when I was able to wear it. Their goal with Glass was to bring back your attention so you aren’t always looking down at your phone. He then explained the specifications of the device including the 5MP camera, integrated touch pad, and a rotatable display allowing Glass to adjust to your face. Aesthetically the device looks very nice. It looks very futuristic and even fashionable. I would love to wear it around everyday. He then told us how the MyGlass app works on Android phones. He showed off the mirroring function in order to let us see what he saw. 

Next I was able to use Glass itself. Putting on the device felt nice. It was extremely light and very comfortable. After about 5 minutes I forgot I was wearing it. Using the interface was simple. To wake the device you can either tap the touchpad or quickly nodding up. After the device wakes up, you are presented with the time and “OK Glass”. “OK Glass” was the keyword used to interact with Glass. After saying that you were presented with options such as “Record a Video”, “Take a picture”, “Make a call”, “Send a message too”, and more. I could definitely see myself using it’s features all the time.

We were even able to interview a Glass team member. You can view this interview in the video below as well as see Alex and I using Glass.

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