Samsung recently released the Galaxy Round, a 5.7-inch phone similar to the Galaxy Note 3 in every aspect, except its shape. The phone has a curved display and it’s not exactly what you would expect. Instead of a horizontal curve similar to that of the Galaxy Nexus, the device sports a vertical curve right down the middle of the device.

 Specs are nearly identical to the Note 3, excluding the S-Pen, with 3GB of RAM, 1080p resolution, a quad-core processor, and a 13 megapixel camera. Samsung has even stated that the curved nature of the phone will have software implementation as well. Actions such as tilting the phone to the side while it is on it’s back can display certain types of notifications and even some gesture based actions in the software.  

What I’m looking forward to most on this device is what Samsung’s marketing team will do with it.  

 “The next big thing is curved” 

“Your finger isn’t straight, so why should your phone?” 

“Sculpted to fit your big fat face” 


“What else did you expect?” 

“Apple can’t sue us for this one…”