Picture Credit to The Verge 

Picture Credit to The Verge 

Yesterday Microsoft rereleased it’s Windows Phone app for YouTube. I can’t agree with them calling it an app. All the app does is act as a bridge to the YouTube web player. 

Back in May Microsoft and Google actually tried to work together in creating a Windows Phone app for YouTube but Microsoft built an app that broke YouTube’s Terms Of Service. The app looked and worked amazing, but Google had to pull the plug. Later in August, Microsoft released another YouTube app that stopped working a day later. Google announced that they had revoked the app’s access to YouTube. Why did they do that? Mainly because Microsoft had built the app in native code rather than Google’s requested HTML5. Google requires all third-party apps to be built in HTML5 while the official YouTube app is built in native code.

YouTube is yet another example of why the Windows Phone Store is struggling to grow. Hopefully Microsoft and Google will be able to come to an agreement in the near future.  Do you have a Windows Phone? Let me know in the comments how your experience has been with some of these “official” apps.


Via: TechCrunch 

Picture credit to The Verge