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Samsung Galaxy Gear Can Run Regular Android Apps Too

Samsung Galaxy Gear Can Run Regular Android Apps Too

The Galaxy Gear may be one of Samsung’s worst products yet. It basically mirrors your phone on your wrist for $300. But once you get around Samsung’s software, like many of their products, the device instantly becomes better. After a little tinkering with ADB, you can sideload almost anything you want on the device. Normally you would think such a small device wouldn’t be able to run apps like Nova Launcher, Gmail, YouTube, and more since it doesn’t have great specs. Keep in mind though that the Gear runs Android 4.2.2 with an 800MHz processor and 512 mb of RAM. When you compare this to some of the original Android phones that had specs nearly 1/3 of that, this little watch is pretty powerful.

While it’s currently not possible to run Google Apps such as YouTube, Gmail. Google+, and similar apps because root has yet to be achieved on the Gear. This is because Google Apps normally come packed-in to the device and rely on certain apps being present in the system folder. The Gear is (currently) unable to do this. I feel certain that someone will figure out how to root the Gear and that CyanogenMod will eventually be available on it.

The one huge flaw with sideloading apps on the Gear is that they will not have any access to the Internet. Since the Gear is simply a companion device to a Galaxy smartphone, Samsung felt no need to include WiFi in the Gear. When the Gear is unchanged from purchase, it basically uses the phone’s Internet to send and receive data. 

Even though the device is basically even more useless than before with sideloaded apps on it, at least it feels more like an Android device. 


Via: arstechnica 

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