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Nexus 5 To Be Sold At Best Buy Stores – Confirmed By Manager Along With Possible Release Date

Nexus 5 To Be Sold At Best Buy Stores – Confirmed By Manager Along With Possible Release Date

With the Nexus 5 on the horizon, it would make sense that any retailers for the device would begin setting up their displays. At his local, Best Buy, Google+ user Daniel Benavides  found a Google display and posted a picture of it. He stated that when he inquired about the display to the store manager he confirmed that it was in fact a display for the Nexus 5. No other details about the phone were revealed in the post. This does however confirm that the Nexus 5 will be sold at Best Buy stores unlike it’s younger brother. Since the stand also has three sections which may hint at three yet to be released devices. If that is true we may see the Nexus 5, the new Nexus 10, and possibly a Google smartwatch. Edit: Keep in mind that all the above is based on rumors, not 100% fact. Nothing will be 100% until Google announces it.

Our own Alex Garcia also happened upon one of these displays recently but was unable to take a photo. While walking by the stand he overheard employees of the store complaining about a mandatory meeting Sunday morning. This alludes to the release date of the Nexus 5 next week. Since I wouldn’t expect a sales meeting to encompass around only a normal phone, we may be in the midst of something incredible with Google’s upcoming flagship phone and the newest Android verison, KitKat.

Moving back to the table though, Google+ user and writer Russell Holly, has informed us that these same displays have also been used to show off Nexus 7’s and Chromecasts. That could unravel the “confirmation” from the manager, but the mandatory sales meeting still hints at a possible release, or a massive coincidence.


Picture Credit to Daniel Benavides 

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