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iPhone 5S Review

iPhone 5S Review

The iPhone 5S is the latest Apple has to offer and I’ve been using mine as a daily driver for about a month. I picked up the Space Grey model and I’ve been loving it. So what are the positives and the negatives?

The first big deal is Touch ID. It reads your fingerprint to unlock your phone and even in the app store for purchases and more. Heck, when you can unlock your phone with your toe, that’s a win. Touch ID is definitely a great feature that would be great on other devices in the future. Next let’s talk about the camera. The iPhone 5S packs an 8MP camera that has a dual-tone flash and some new improved optics and software features. Overall it brings a great experience that is simple and easy to use. Obviously the software still runs smooth thanks to the much faster processor.

As for the design of the device itself, it’s the same. If you’ve seen the iPhone 5, you’ll be familiar with the iPhone 5S. However one great update is the fact that the device doesn’t get scratched as easily as the iPhone 5. Using the phone without a case didn’t bring a single scratch.

So what are the negatives? This phone isn’t really that big of an upgrade. The device doesn’t bring any real advantages over the iPhone 5 aside from the A8 processor and Touch ID. Nonetheless it’s still a great device I highly recommend.

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