In a Reddit AMA, user throwawaynexus5guy posted screenshots from around Android 4.4 as well as some of the best HD shots of the Nexus 5. In his AMA he revealed several features that KitKat will have such as an “always listening mode” similar to the Moto X. In one of the first questions asked, the user revealed that he right away noticed a “complete backup solution” that he says is similar to iCloud, but for Android. He is under the impression that all data is backed up including apps, data, dames, and even app settings. Up until now, Android has lacked a good way to back up all your data, but this new addition might just fix that along with many other problems that have plagued the OS. He also stated that when he update the device to Android 4.4.1, he was presented an offer for 100GB of Google Drive storage. This could be extra storage Google gives to KitKat users for the new backup solution.

You read more of the AMA by clicking here.


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