Google has released a new hardware refresh to Glass along with a new invitation system that allows Glass explorers to invite up to three friends to join the program. Google also quietly unveiled an official accessory store for Glass. The store includes accessories for the current generation of Glass such as the clear shield, charge, and pouch along with the mono earbud for the upcoming version of Glass. The sunglasses attachment seems to be missing right now, but could be added in the near future. The prices seem a little high for the products, but if you already spent the $1,500 to buy Glass, you should be able to afford it. Prices and availability follow. If you are a Glass Explorer, you can visit the shop for yourself by clicking here

  • Extra Mono Earbud – $50 – Out of stock
  • Clear Shield – $75
  • Extra Charger and cable – $50 – Out of stock
  • Extra Pouch – $50 – Out of stock

Via: Phandroid