It came as a shock to Nexus watchers everywhere that the new Nexus 5 would be available on Sprint’s network. When the Galaxy Nexus was released on all networks, it was only true stock Android when you purchased it through Google Play. If you purchased your’s for use on Verizon, it came pre-installed with bloatware and had branding on the back. In a phone call with Google recently, we learned that the Nexus 5 sold in Sprint stores may have carrier branding and pre-installed bloatware. While the representative’s we spoke to did was not 100% certain that the phone would contain bloatware, he did say it was likely. 

Another thing mentioned in the call was that similar to the Galaxy Nexus, carrier versions of the phone had delayed updates up to months. This may also happen with the Nexus 5 sold in Sprint stores. The representative we spoke to said that updates could be delayed “up to months” on Nexus 5’s sold in retail stores. It is unknown which retail outlets would be affected since the Nexus 5 will be sold in Best Buy and Sprint stores along with Amazon and Google Play. The representative did tell us that the Google Play sold Nexus 5 will receive updates right away. On the brightside, all variants of the Nexus 5 will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat.

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