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While ASUS’s profits fell this year, the CEO feels that the company can comeback from it next year. The company indicated in a statement to The Tapei Times that it would launch a new set of Chromebooks next year. Options may include an 11.6″ inch model for $199 and a 13.3″ model for only $249. The company also stated that they want to make their smartphone business profitable inn 2014 and that we will see many new smartphones from them at CES in January.

As the PC market shrinks along with much of ASUS’ profits, the company makes this statement: “We remain optimistic about the desktop and laptop market, but our priority is to make the company’s smartphone business turn a profit next year,”.

The company also stated that they want to make an attempt in the emerging wearables market. It is unknown what devices they might make but a watch is probably a safe bet. ASUS said that they would launch these new devices at next year’s Computex event in Tapei. 

Despite rumors, ASUS may still be making next-year’s edition of the Nexus 7 after the success seen with the past two generations. Both Google and ASUS are “still in talks” about the 2014 Nexus 7 according to an executive at ASUS. Who would you like to see manufacturing the 2014 Nexus 7 and what do you think of ASUS’ upcoming products? Let us know in the comments!


Via: The Verge, Android Authority