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APU ’13 Event Recap

APU ’13 Event Recap

Last week AMD announced their new Kaveri APU lineup for 2014, which offer up to four ‘Steamroller’ cores and up to 8 GCN compute units.

This enhanced performance should deliver a floating point number of 856 GFLOPS – comparable to the Radeon HD 7750. These Kaveri APUs will be using a similar FM2+ socket to the previous generation Richland APUs. Most importantly of all, Kaveri brings support for TrueAudio and Mantle just like the latest Radeon graphics cards.

How will these refinements affect real world performance I here you ask? Well, AMD wasn’t shy to show off one Kaveri APUs running an unoptimized version of Battlefield 4 (that is without the Mantle API) in the campaign, at 1080p, with medium settings, hovering at around 30 frames per second.

Bump the resolution down to 720p and you’ll without doubt have a fantastic gaming experience on the latest titles, whilst giving you the power for media consumption and content creation, as well as keeping your bank balance happy too.

AMD promises further information at CES 2014, just prior to when they are due to go up for grabs.


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