Today Google pulled the lid off of 10 new apps that have added Chromecast capability. Beginning today apps including VEVO, Songza, Revision 3, Plex and more are gaining Chromecast capability. You can view a full list of apps below.

 – RealPlayer Cloud – New

 – Viki – New

 – PostTV – New

 – Plex – New

 – Songza – New

 – Red Bull.TV – New

 – Vevo – New

 – Revision 3 – Coming Soon

 – Avia – Coming Soon

 – BeyondPod – Coming Soon

You can download all these apps from Google’s Chromecast page as updates are rolling out now on both Android and iOS. You might also want to get a Chromecast now if you haven’t already because with the holidays approaching fast, it’s going to be a popular gift. 


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Via: ChromeBlog