Oppo has been rapidly gaining popularity since the release of the Find 5. Their latest flagship, the N1, is a giant phone with powerful specs, and it’s now available to purchase here in the U.S. For $599 you can pick up a 16GB Oppo N1 that includes free shipping and a couple accessories including flip cover and remote shutter. The N1 packs the specs on with a 5.9″ 1080p screen, a 13MP camera on a rotating hinge, a touch sensitive back, and Android 4.2. This is all powered by a Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM and a massive 3,610 mAh battery. One thing it lacks is LTE.

One major thing to look forward to with the N1 is the upcoming CyanogenMod edition. This phone will come pre-loaded with CyanogenMod and the first to do so. If you can’t wait for that release, Oppo states that you will be able to flash CyanogenMod builds for the N1 directly from the stock recovery.

Right now the only play to get the N1 in the U.S. is through Oppo’s online store, but that will probably expand to other retailers such as Amazon in the near future.


Via: Android Police