A just discovered API in Chrome OS called “chrome.screenlockPrivate”, may soon allow us to unlock our Chromebooks with other devices. The code review also has a short description, which reads “The chrome.screenlockPrivate API allows select apps to control the ChromeOS ScreenLocker.” This could allow for an entirely new level of security within Chrome OS and possibly the standard Chrome browser by using multiple devices to guard each other. While using this could possibly ruin guest mode, it does help users to secure their devices in a whole new way. This also brings into play that we could see smartwatches, Google Glass, or even NFC tags performing the action of unlocking and securing your computer. Even better, imagine this in the classroom. A group of students who could be prohibited or restricted from using a device after perhaps damaging a previous one. It could also play a role in anti-theft by disabling a device if it gets a certain distance from a location or other device. The possibilities are endless. What do you think about this possible feature? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and Google+!


Via: Android Community