Rumors had circulated earlier this year of a Chromebook from Dell and now the company has officially unveiled their first piece of Chrome hardware. The 11.6″ Dell Chromebook 11 (not to be confused with the HP Chromebook 11) will sport a 1366×788 resolution and an Intel Celeron processor with 4GB of RAM and 16GB SSD inside. Dell promises the device will cost under $300 and be released in January. They will also release a version of the Chromebook with 2GB of RAM that will cost $260 sometime in the first quarter of 2015. Both variants will be sold in both the U.S. and U.K.

The design of the machine is definitely similar, yet slightly better looking than the C720 with a more appealing design in my opinion. Dell will include two USB 3.0 ports on the machine along with Bluetooth 4.0, an HDMI port, and a 720p webcam. 

With this being Dell’s first entry into the ever expanding Chrome OS market, it is coming in below what it needs to. With the less expensive and slightly more power Acer C720 already on the market, will Dell’s Chromebook 11 have a chance? The thing about Dell’s new machine, is that it’s being aimed at the educational market which includes teachers, students, and IT admins.


Via: The Next Web