Google’s Chromecast device made waves this year bringing an incredible experience at an amazing price. The device retails for only $35 and allows you to stream content from your mobile devices directly to your TV. This undercuts other popular devices like the Apple TV, Roku, and others like that. The Chromecast is an amazing device and has topped several lists for the best device of the 2013. Currently Google only allows some developers the ability to integrate Chromecast into their applications, but that might change next year with the public release of the Chromecast SDK. Google stated that “hundreds” of developers have signed up to add Chromecast capability to their apps. Google also stated that Chromecast would be available in multiple international markets next year. 

Google has yet to tell how many Chromecast units have sold so far, but at the price point I’m sure most “tech-centric” people own one. It has without question surpassed any Google TV in sales and popularity, but has it beaten out the competition?