Nokia has been rumored to make an Android phone for quite a while and recent leaks lead us to believe that a release will be coming soon. While the phone may be running Android, that doesn’t mean the interface will look like Android. As you can see in the image to the side, Nokia will have a heavy skin over top off Android that is almost unrecognizable. Unlike other skins such as Sense 5.5 or TouchWiz, Nokia appears to only be using Android as the OS, while the interface will look completely different. 

Not only has the interface leaked, but so have some of the specs. An entry on AnTuTu’s database for a device called the Nokia A110 shows that the Normandy could be running Android 4.4.1 powered by an unknown Snapdragon processor. The screenshots also reveal that the device would have a 5MP rear camera with a low-resolution 854×480 screen. These specs are fitting for what will almost certainly be an entry level device. 

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Via: Android Authority