Acer has been trying to impress Chromebook enthusiasts by selling the strongest and most powerful Chromebooks on the market for the lowest cost. When the Acer C720 was released, 4GB of RAM and a Haswell chipset meant that Chromebooks were destined for more than just simple web browsing. Acer also shocked us all by releasing a touch screen version of the C720 for less than $300. Now after the mysterious dissappearance of the C720 with 4GB of RAM, Acer has quietly released a variant of the C720P with 4GB of RAM. This touch screen equipped powerhouse sells for $329 and can handle almost anything you throw at it. I personally own the C720 with 4GB of RAM and it can handle almost anything. You can read my full review of that device here.

This new variant of the C720P brings 4GB of RAM, 16GB of SSD storage, and an 11.6′ multi-touch display. You can buy the device now at Acer’s website linked below.

Buy The Acer C720P-2625