What Is The Point Of A Google Play Edition Moto G?

Yesterday Google and Motorola shocked everyone by releasing a Google Play Edition of the Moto G smartphone. For $179 you can get a completely stock Android device with fast updates. Other than that, many people still wonder why the GPE Moto G exists. After all, the regular Moto G already runs a near stock build of Android with features that enhance the experience of the phone. So why is there a Google Play Edition of this device?
First of all, this device gets faster updates than the regular Moto G. Just like other Google Play Edition devices, this version of the Moto G will be get updates very soon after Nexus devices. But since the regular Moto G is a Motorola device, I don’t think updates would be too slow.
Next, this device is designed with developers in mind. One thing many people forget about Google Play Edition devices is that they are better for developers. Every GPE device is unlocked to be used on any GSM network and has an unlockable bootloader. This makes it easier for a developer to create apps and ROMs specific for these devices and the standard version of those devices. For each developer who develops their app for this device, the standard Moto G has another app in the Play Store that runs nearly perfect on it.
The Google Play Edition Moto G isn’t a consumer device, it’s a developer device. Unless you’re a geek, then it’s perfect for you (and me).

Ben Schoon

Ben loves technology of all sorts but love Android most of all. He is the main writer on iTechTriad . You can catch him hanging out on Google+ and Twitter.

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