Motorola Buds Review

We all use headphones whether it’s for calling, listening to music, or simply drowning out the annoying guy on the bus. One thing that no one like about traditional earbuds or headphones is tangled wires that get in the way. This can be especially annoying for people who use their earbuds at the gym, or while walking/running. Wireless earbuds are nothing new, but Motorola’s take is, in my opinion, most likely the best option out there in it’s price category. I’m coming from using a similar device, the LG Tone+ wireless earbuds which sport a similar design.

First, I’ll consider the actual hardware of this device. I have the black and white model which look even nicer than I thought. Primarily the entire device is black, with elegant white accents in the wires and on the tips of the earbuds. The earbuds themselves were very comfortable and fit nicely in my ears. Button arrangement was just a bit awkward because the power button is on the back of the device. However I got used to that after a few days. The buttons that interact with the device however, I found slightly more irritating. There are 2 buttons on each side of the device. On the left you have the “Play/Pause” button which doubles as a button to accept and end calls. Above that you have the button to skip songs. Press once to skip forward in your queue, and double tap to start a song over or go back in your queue. On the right hand side of the device there are also two buttons. These two buttons are for volume only. Press the bottom button to lower the volume and the top button to raise the volume. These buttons definitely have a learning curve but after a couple weeks with the device you should be able to use them without thinking. The actual device itself which rests on your collarbone is very comfortable. The first time you put it on you’ll definitely notice that it is there, but after that you most likely won’t notice them. If you do wear a collared shirt I definitely don’t recommend wearing these as they don’t bend quite enough to compensate for the collar. The earbuds also stay securely attached to the device with two strong magnets on each side of the device to hold the appropriate headphone. Battery life is also very impressive. I can get about 2 days of heavy use out of this device.

Next I’ll consider the sound on this device since these are after all earbuds. For music I don’t think these can be beat. They sound great at low and high volume and do a decent job at blocking out surrounding sounds. They aren’t any match for over-the-ear headphones or even some wired earbuds, but in their class and price, they are most likely the best option. Call quality on the other hand wasn’t as good. The microphone on the device is great and people you are talking to can hear you loud and clear, but unfortunately that isn’t mutual. I experienced many problems with interference and constantly changing volumes. Also there is a slight echo of surrounding sounds when talking on the phone which doesn’t appear when listening to music.

In the end these are great headphones that are comfortable and sound good, if you’re not making phone calls. Personally I would recommend Motorola Buds to anyone who is buying a wireless headset to listen to music, but if you are looking to primarily make phone calls you may want to get a pair of LG Tone+ headphones. Overall though, I definitely do recommend these earbuds to anyone looking to get this type of wireless earbuds. They are available in Black with white accents and White with black accents. You can buy them directly from Motorola for $79.99. And did I mention that they fit on a dog perfectly too?



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