Planning on picking up the newest season of Sherlock on DVD when it comes out? Or maybe the latest Marvel movie. Amazon wants to send it to you without even having to order it. Amazon calls its “anticipatory shipping”. This service would use your previous purchases, searches, wish lists, and carts to have your products ready. Let’s say you have a few products in your cart that you plan on buying next time you get paid. Amazon would get the products ready for shipping by placing them inside shipping boxes and possibly even going as far as placing the items on a truck. 

It’s unknown whether or not Amazon will actually go through with these plans or if it is just an idea. Such plans could lead to many unwanted deliveries and less faith in the company. Amazon may however be willing to take the chance as they say that “delivering the package to the customer as a promotional gift may be used to build goodwill”. This would definitely speed up delivery times, but at what cost? Do you want Amazon shipping packages to your door before you order them?


Via: The Verge

Ben Schoon

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