Flat Curves And Sheen Icon Pack Review

I’ve had the privilege over the past couple weeks to review two awesome icon packs from developer Joshua Masih. These icon packs are called Flat Curves and Sheen. Both packs are available in the Play Store at the links down below.

First I’ll be talking about Sheen. Sheen is definitely a different icon pack giving it’s icons a brushed metal feel. These definitely aren’t for everyone but many people will love them. The icons range from bright colors to muted and some icons even come in both types. Many icons also have several different variations. The contacts/people app alone has 10 different variations. Many of the icons also appear to have iOS 7 inspiration. Overall, while this isn’t my favorite pack, this pack definitely brings something unique to the table. Also, the included wallpapers in the pack further increase the pack’s value. Even if you don’t like the icons themselves, the included wallpapers are very nice and might be worth a purchase for you. I’d recommend this pack to some people but in my opinion it’s not for everyone.

Sheen is available in Google Play for $1.93 at the link below.

Next I’m reviewing my personal favorite of these two, Flat Curves. This pack looks great with a broad range of bright colors and some beautiful wallpapers. Similar to many other packs, Flat Curves has a shadow going off the bottom right corner. The shape of each icon is also very unique. The icons are extremely well designed and the wallpapers are even better. There are over 500 custom icons and an icon mask to cover the rest. Personally I think the price is just bit over what it needs to be, but since this pack is new it can be overlooked. Some icons in this pack especially caught my attention. The icon for Chrome is definitely, without any doubt, my favorite icon ever. The design is extremely nice and the developer used the Chrome logo in a very unique way. Overall I think this is a very nice icon pack that I would definitely recommend to almost anyone. The developer is also currently working on a massive update to the pack. Be sure to get this pack now so you can get that update soon!

You can pick up Flat Curves in Google Play for $2.09 at the link below.

Ben Schoon

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