Verizon quickly introduced it’s Edge program soon after T-Mobile started their newest plans. Verizon Edge allows you to upgrade after only a few months or a year to a brand new device, but their latest addition to the plan raises some red flags.

With Verizon Edge you pay a financing plan for 24 months and pay it off as you go. Previously you could upgrade with a minimum of 6 months in between. Now however they are experimenting with allowing customers to swap devices after only 30 days. This sounds great, but because it’s Verizon, there’s always a catch. Even though a new phone every 30 days sounds like a dream come true, that’s not exactly what you will be signing up for.  In order to even be eligible to upgrade using Edge you need to pay at least 50% of the device’s cost, which is typically a year of monthly payments. The changes made to the plan which allow for a new phone every 30 days simply allows the customer to pay off 50% of the device as quickly as possible and then go and get a new phone. Still sounds pretty good right? Nope, even though you have paid off half of the phone, Verizon will require that you trade in that phone in order to upgrade.

Technically a 30 day upgrade isn’t a lie, but it’s definitely not worth your time or money.

Ben Schoon

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