Hype always leads up to Samsung’s next release in it’s Galaxy line, and this year is no different. After the release of the Galaxy S4, which sold incredibly well even though it wasn’t much of a change from it’s predecessor, the Galaxy S3. The S5 has high expectations from everyone, and hopefully Samsung will be able to meet them.

According to the man who correctly predicted the launch date of the Galaxy S4, comes the speculated date of the release of the Galaxy S5. Eldar Murtazin said today on Twitter that the S5 would launch ahead of MWC on February 23rd, 2014. He also says that the price will be “the same” and that we already know the specs. This could mean that rumors floating around could possibly be true, but of course, nothing is official until Samsung holds an event. The release date of the phone will also be in April according to Eldar. 

Next-Gen Samsung Interface Leaks

Next-Gen Samsung Interface Leaks

He also claims that TouchWiz will be changing. Recent leaks have shown the new interface, but nothing was said about a new name as Eldar states. He says that the new interface will include “niche features for PR”.

What are you expecting out of Samsung’s next release? Do you think Eldar is right? Let us know in the comments!

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