Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S

Last September, the newest addition to Apple’s product family was introduced: The iPhone 5s. But as we all know, Apple doesn’t just stop making newer, faster, and better iPhones, does it? No.

According to a few rumors circling around, as many of you would have guessed, Apple plans to make an iPhone 6. Surprise!As you might think, it’s most likely going to be faster. But how much faster will it be? No idea. It’s important to understand that last year’s release was more of a “set-up” for the iPhone 6. They plan to build on top of what the iPhone 5s had to offer. They do this by making it bigger…

Sources say that the 6 will probably not go above 5.0 inches. It will most likely remain around 4.8 inches. The reason it won’t be bigger than 5.0” is because Apple tends to keep all iPhones use the iPhone with one hand. This has always been Apple’s iPhone policy.Whatever Apple does, let’s hope they don’t confuse convenience with practicality.

Sources: AppleInsider

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