Google has today officially announced Chrome apps for Android and iOS, but what is it? In December rumors stated that Google was working on this, and then a Google developer confirm that the beta toolkit for building and porting these apps would be ready in January. Now in the last few days of the month, Google has delivered.

Google is offering two developer workflows that allows you to package native apps for Chrome apps. Using Chrome’s Apps Developer Tool to run your Android device without the need to install the mobile platform’s SDK or IDE.

Image Credit The Next Web

Image Credit The Next Web

Chrome apps are written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. For the mobile apps, developers will have access to Cordova APIs and other core Chrome APIs.

If you are a Chrome developer interested in building your apps for mobile, you can start by checking out the links below.


ReadMe – Stack OverflowDeveloper ForumSample Apps

Via: TheNextWeb

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