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Are We Really Going To See The Galaxy S5 At MWC?

Are We Really Going To See The Galaxy S5 At MWC?

Before you claim that this is fact or that I am wrong please understand that this is simply speculation. After looking at the rumors and teasers surrounding Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event at MWC this is what I think. This is purely speculation. Not fact.

Widely accepted rumors state that Samsung will be releasing their Galaxy S5 at an Unpacked event at MWC on February 24th. I’ve been thinking about it and I think there’s a good chance we won’t see it. Here’s a few reasons why.

1. Samsung doesn’t release flagship phones during events like MWC. The Galaxy S4 wasn’t announced at MWC but at an event in March of 2013. There are exceptions to this like their PRO line which was launched at CES, but for a product with as high expectations as the S5, Samsung will most likely release it at a separate event.

2. We haven’t seen any leaks of the actual phone. With almost every phone that is released we see leaks of the device before hand. The Galaxy S4 leaked before it was release, and we all know that HTC’s next phone has been heavily leaked leading up to it’s release. We saw leaks of LG’s G Pro 2 well before official announcement. In 2014 we can expect every major product to leak well before it is announced. So why haven’t we seen any about the S5? Maybe because we aren’t going to be seeing it just yet.

3. Unpacked 5 might not be referring to the S5. Samsung’s MWC event might not actually be for the S5. The event is called Unpacked5 which we all immediately thought was talking about the S5. I think that Samsung might have been referring to TouchWiz 5. Currently TouchWiz is at version 4 and we’ve seen numerous leaks regarding a new and improved version of TouchWiz. We also saw the picture down below that shows off new icons which would most likely be included in TouchWiz 5. They are very similar to what we saw in the Magazine UX seen on the PRO Series at CES.

I could be completely wrong but these are my personal thoughts. After looking at many of the rumors, releases, teasers, and speculation surrounding the upcoming Unpacked 5 event this is what I thought of. If you agree or think otherwise please let us know in the comments. 

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