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MarioKart 8 Launching On Wii U May 30th

MarioKart 8 Launching On Wii U May 30th

On every Nintendo console one of the most anticipated Nintendo games is MarioKart. After the huge success seen from MarioKart Wii, MarioKart 8 has a lot to live up to. Nintendo officially announced that the game would be available on May 30th in stores for purchase. MarioKart 8 will feature a familar cast of characters including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and more, but this time Nintendo is adding Koopalings (seen below).

MarioKart 8 could be one of many titles Nintendo is planning to release on the Wii U that could help save the console from it’s current hard times. If you don’t have a Wii U yet, you still have a couple months to save up so you can play the latest in the MarioKart series.

You can pre-order MarioKart 8 on for $59.96 with a pre-order price guarantee. The pre-order price guarantee gives you the lowest price from the time you order til the time the product is shipped to you.

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