Google seems to be adding more options to their main Nexus devices, and now they are expanding on the Nexus 7. Currently available in both White and Black, the Nexus 7 is an incredible tablet at an amazing price. When the White Model launched on Google Play, it brought even more options to the table. Now however, we might see some other places to purchase it.

Yesterday Best Buy opened a page on their site for the White Nexus 7 available with 16GB of storage. The page was quickly taken down but not before screenshots were taken and Google created a cached version. This may have simply been a page created by mistake, but it’s fairly safe to guess that someone simply made it live a little too soon.

Either way it’s great to see that other retailers might be able to offer the White Nexus 7 especially because they seem to have an exclusive on the less expensive 16GB model which isn’t an option on the Play Store.

Via: Android Headlines