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LTE Enabled Moto G Coming?

LTE Enabled Moto G Coming?

The Moto G is by far the best low-cost Android smartphone, but it lacks one important thing, LTE. Especially in the U.S., LTE is an ever important feature to have since 3G networks are fairly slow. Now we might be seeing an LTE enabled Moto G which apparently just went through the FCC. 

A Motorola device with the FCC ID IHDT56PG1 recently went through the FCC with LTE support for bands 2, 4, 5, and 17, which makes it compatible with LTE on both T-Mobile and AT&T.

This could possibly be a new model for the Moto G or the second generation. It’s doubtful that it’s the second generation since the Moto G launched in only November of 2013.


Update: Missing info was the battery code SNN5932A used only in the Moto G. This is the evidence that leads us to believe that this phone is indeed an LTE Moto G.

Via: Android Community

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