With A New iPhone, Comes A New Chip

Every Apple iPhone up until now has had a better chip than the last, excluding the iPhone 5c with an A6. Also, with Samsung supposedly making Apple’s past A chips, where will they come from next?

Taiwan-based TechNews has been recently talking about how TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will be the next one to start making the new A8 chips and already has begun the process.

(Credit: iPhoneInformer)

(Credit: iPhoneInformer)

CNET explains how they spoke to a source that knows how TSMC works. He said that the contract chip-manufacturer has already started on the A8. Their supposed goals as a company is to become the main manufacturer of Apple. But this may be pretty difficult considering they already tried to do this exact thing in the past, but struggled with producing the chips.

TechNews is saying that the main A8 manufacturer will be TSMC because of the success of the newer 20-nanometer manufacturing process.

The chip will most likely be found in the iPhone 6 and possibly the iPad Air update.


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