Our favorite tipster, @evleaks, has just posted a press render of the Galaxy Gear 2, along with the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. Both devices have a very similar appearance including a physical button for what is expected to be the home button, as well as what is thought be a more pronounced microphone. We expect an MWC unveiling for both devices. 

The Galaxy Gear 2 is on the left of the picture and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is on the right. The Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to be a high-end device just like the current Gear. Samsung did say that they were planning to revamp their pricing model on the Gear this time around. One thing no one expected was a second low cost model. The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is expected to fill the low cost gap and sell for a much lower cost than the standard Gear 2.

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Via: @evleaks