One of the things we need the most on our phone is battery life. Have you ever gotten down to a mere 10% of battery left, but you know you won’t be near a charger?  It’s a scary moment, but Samsung is looking to help you out.

On the Galaxy S5 Samsung has included what they call an “Ultra-Power Saving Mode” which takes battery usage to an absolute minimum. The mode takes power saving to a new level by taking advantage of the AMOLED screen technology and by stopping apps and features you don’t need.  When you activate this mode the entire OS is themed in black and white to only light up pixels you absolutely need and save battery life since black areas of the screen aren’t on at all. The mode also closes out app and services that you don’t absolutely need. Apps such as the messaging app, dialer, and other similar apps are the only ones you can use in this mode.

Samsung claims this feature can get you over 24 hours of battery life with only 10% of your battery left.


(Samsung Has Not Released Images Of This Mode Yet)