It’s no surprise that the Playstation 4 is outselling the Xbox One on a global level with its lower price point, but it appears that Microsoft is trying to address that issue in the UK. Starting February 28th, the price of the Xbox One will be cut by £30, while the PS4’s price point is still £349. On top of that, the Titanfall Limited Edition bundle will release in the UK on March 14th, three days after its US release, for the same price of £399. The bundle includes a download copy of Titanfall and a month subscription to Xbox Live.

What does this mean for other territories, though. Could we see a similar price drop stateside? Possibly. However, with the hype it’s been building up for the Xbox One’s “killer app” Titanfall, Microsoft stands to make a lot of money from gamers chomping at the bit for this game. The sales in other territories like the US can also offset the potential losses incurred in the UK. If people will still buy the console in the US, it doesn’t make sense to cut the price now.