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Project Ara Finally Comes To Life

Project Ara Finally Comes To Life

Last year, a new idea was thought of. This idea was to change the way we look at phones forever. The idea was called Phonebloks.

Phonebloks was designed to give the user full customization of all hardware elements of the phone. It allows you to get what you need in a phone for the price you want. It could also let you change out parts if the phone had somehow malfunctioned, instead of having to get a whole new phone. Parts like the camera, memory, and speakers could be replaced easily and efficiently.

This project caught Google and Motorola’s interest. They wanted to help make this possible for all developers. They decided to start working together with Phonebloks to create Project Ara. Which is sort of an addition to the design of the Phonebloks concept, although never actually built for use, only design.

Well we learned recently that the Project is finally coming to life on April 15th and 16th of this year, 2014. This could present the real prototype of the project from Google. It’s other purpose is to show this design to developers so they could actually get a look at the phone design and start funding this project and add programs to help get the ball rolling. 

It will be hosted live for the purposes of streaming straight to your computer. If you want to actually go to event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, you would have to pay $100 to get in, if you are a normal attendee. If you are a student, you can pay $25 to get in.

(Credit: AndroidMeter)

(Credit: AndroidMeter)

The actual event is for the Ara Modular Developers Kit (MDK) to start making programs for the concept.

You can register here to attend the conference in person or online.

Via: AndroidMeter

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