How To Reboot LG G2 Into Recovery Mode

Have you ever had your device stuck in bootloop? It’s a scary moment. One valuable thing to know when that happens is how to reboot your device into recovery mode using the hardware buttons. The LG G2 has a unique set of hardware buttons, but that’s not what makes getting into recovery so scary. Follow the steps below or watch the video to learn how to reboot recovery on your G2.

How To Reboot Recovery – LG G2

  1. Turn your phone off.
  2. Press volume down and power button until the LG logo comes on screen
  3. Let go of both buttons
  4. Hold the volume down and power buttons again until you see the “hard reset screen”
  5. Press power once and then power again to confirm. The screen says it will reset your device but it will not as long as you have a custom recovery installed.
  6. Your custom recovery should appear on screen.

That’s the process! I hope this helped you! If it did leave a comment below and share this with your friends!

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