Google Glass is a topic of both amazement and controversy not only from the tech industry and the average consumer. At $1,500 it’s also a high price to pay for the future of portable electronics. While Google Glass is currently the only device of it’s kind, but it’s technically not on the market yet. During the time Google Glass is still in without a consumer release, Samsung is trying to get their own product on the market. 

The company recently patented the name Galaxy Glass and their concept for the device isn’t quite what we were expecting. Galaxy Glass will do a bit more than just give you a heads-up display like in Google Glass. Galaxy Glass will in theory give you an augmented reality which could make use of things such as your hands or any other surface as a keyboard. 

While this patent doesn’t exactly guarantee a retail release of the product, it could mean that Samsung is indeed working on their own competitor to Google Glass. What do you think? Could Samsung’s version of Google Glass be exactly what you want?

Via: Pocketnow