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Windows Phone Finally Passes BlackBerry In U.S. Market Share

Windows Phone Finally Passes BlackBerry In U.S. Market Share

When you think of a smartphone, what’s the first thing you think of? I could bet that you probably thought of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone. It makes sense to think that since iOS and Android sit at the number one and number two spots respectively in US smartphone market share. Windows Phone has been growing, but it’s taken until now for them to beat out BlackBerry.

It can be argued that BlackBerry started the smartphone revolution and many of their customers have stayed loyal to those phones. Of course you can’t keep a phone forever and many of those original BlackBerry owners are finally moving on to something new. This has dropped the company’s market share tremendously. While BlackBerry has dropped down from the top, Windows Phone has an uphill battle. The OS is very nice and the hardware ranges from bottom of the line hardware to high-end flagships. Now it seems that Windows Phone has passed BlackBerry in market share giving them the third spot in the U.S.’ market share.

As you can see in the chart down below, Android retains the top spot with 51.7% market share, while iOS trails close behind with 41.6%. Windows Phone swaps places with BlackBerry in 2014 taking them by 0.1%.

Do you own a Windows Phone device? Why do you think it’s taken so long for the OS to get to this point?


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Source: comScore


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