As if we didn’t have enough HTC M8 leaks in the past month including that terrible hands on video, Evleaks is now giving us something new to drool over. This morning we saw an interesting look at a new smart cover for the M8. The cover covered over the screen but had dozens of small holes on the front to allow the screen to shine through. This results in the user being able to see information including the time and weather at a quick glance. The concept is similar to Samsung and LG’s S-View and QuickView features but HTC’s idea is refreshingly new and unique. Later in the day three additional colors of the case were shown off revealing Blue, Orange, and Teal in addition to Black. These cases also for the millionth time confirm the controversial dual-camera setup on the rear.

Interestingly this might now be the first time we’ve seen this case. If you look back to one of the first leaks of the phone you’ll notice that the phone did in fact have a case on it and it appears to be the blue version of this leaked smart cover. Has it been staring us int he face this whole time?

Along with this leak, Evleaks quietly mentioned that the M8 would be available as a Google Play Edition device just like its older brother. It’s nice to see that the Google Play Edition line up will finally feature a 2014 flagship. 

What do you think of the M8 so far? Will it help HTC grow back to what it once was, or is it not quite for you?