While we have found out just about every secret HTC has up it’s sleeve for the M8, one that alluded that was the dual-camera setup on the back. No one could quite figure out what it was for and even those who used it and leaked weren’t quite sure. Now however, we finally know.

According to a new ad showing off “The All New HTC One” we see that phone that we’ve seen leaked for weeks now, as well as some interesting information. First we see HTC showing off the “cleverly placed” Boomsound speakers which is definitely a highlight of their devices. After that we see the “Duo Camera” advertised and finally explained.

“Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften background and add 3D effects.”

It seems that like in the past, HTC is trying again with 3D camera technology (HTC EVO 3D) but this time hopefully with a better approach. After that the ad highlights the “Easy Access” functionality of the M8. Most notably is the ever more prevalent addition of a double tap on screen to wake the device. This was first seen on the G2 and has quickly adopted by other manufacturers including the Xperia Z2 and even most Windows Phones. 

Are you excited for these features or just HTC’s flagship in general? HTC will finally launch the phone on the 25th of this month so we aren’t too far away.

Via: Android Authority