Today at GDC, Google announced a new update to Google Play Games. They introduced a few new features that make the service even more useful and better for the developers. The first notable feature in this update is Game Gifts. This feature allows players to send virtual in-game objects to anyone in their Google+ circles or through a direct search. This feature isn’t quite what we wanted, but its a nice start to gifting apps and games.

A couple more features included is an update to the Play Games app which now supports multiplayer invites directly as well as the addition of 18 new game categories in the Google Play Store. 

Probably the most notable update is the addition of cross platform gaming through Google Play Games. The service is now being enhanced on iOS and the web bringing it to it’s full capabilities. A new C++ SDK is also being released to support achievements and leaderboards. There have also been improvements to the developer end of Google Play Games. You can learn more about this update at the Android Developers blog.