Google Officially Introduces Android Wear Developer Preview – Shows Several Devices And Software

Google stated not too long ago that they would be introducing a new wearable SDK and today they are showing off some of the technology and introducing the preview SDK. The SDK is going to be called Android Wear and will bring a Google Now type of interface to your wearable devices. Google is obviously focusing in on smartwatches with this technology and the video down below gives us a good look at what we might see this summer from the Google smartwatch.

Google has said that this new user experience uses voice and textual information to make the devices useful. It’s obviously that Google Now will play a very important role in Google idea for a smartwatch and that’s a good thing. Since the beginning Google Now has seemed like a perfect fit for the smartwatch ecosystem since it gives you the right information at the right time.

The preview SDK is available for developers and is designed to help developers create “wearable experiences” for their existing Android applications on square and round wearables. A more advanced SDK will be available later this year.

Google is also working with several manufacturers (shown below) to help bring the platform to consumers. It’s rumored that they are working with LG for the official Google Smartwatch.

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