Official Nexus accessories usually pop up in the Play Store at random, but we normally know they are coming. This time however, Google caught us off guard by introducing an official Nexus charger into the store for $14.99.

While official Nexus accessories are usually over priced, this one is not. We’ve seen products like the Nexus 7 folio case or the official Nexus wireless charger sold at high prices, but this time, we are seeing a fair and competitive price. At $14.99 this charger is actually a very good deal because of the rate at which it charges. At 1.8A, this charger can charge any of your devices very quickly. Of course it’s compatible with any microUSB device, but that Nexus branding on the side makes is perfect for the Google fanboys inside a lot of us.

The USB cable is detachable for other uses such as data transfers. You can head over to the Play Store now to get yours. Keep in mind however that this is apprently only available in the U.S. and the U.K. (any other readers please let us know if you see this) and that after tax and shipping charges you will be paying a full $20 at minimum. In the U.K. we have been told that it costs £9.99.

Update: We are now being told that this is also available in the Canadian Play Store.


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I’ve submitted my order. If you want a review/unboxing of this please leave a comment below or tell us on Google+