Rumors of the iPhone 6 are always going full steam and today we’ve seen the leak of what could possibly be a prototype dummy unit made for case molds. Why are we excited about this? Well for one thing it shows us the form factor we might get this time.

This mold has leaked through a Japanese case maker and shows it next to the current iPhone 5S. This shows us that we should indeed be seeing a larger iPhone with a familiar design. This mold shows us that the next iPhone will most likely ship with what is estimated to be a 4.5″ or 4.7″ inch display, a nice improvement from the current 4.0″ inches.

Don’t get too excited though as there is no way to confirm that this really is the design for the iPhone 6. This Japanese case manufacturer could be just messing with it’s competition. What do you think though? Would you buy the iPhone 6 if it looked like this?

Via: Redmond Pie

Source: BMT