Guide To Formatting Your Play Store Description

Every app you download in the Play Store has a description. Your description is basically an introduction to your app explaining what your app is, what it does and why people should use it and a lot of developers do not know you can use HTML to format the text of the description to contain bold or italics.

Below you will find a table containing a list of HTML tags you can use to enhance the description of your app to attract users/customers.


HTML Code Example Result
<b></b> <b>This text will be bold</b> This text will be bold
<i></i> <i>This text will be italic</i> This text will be italic
<u></u> <u>This text will be underlined</u> This text will be underlined
<br/> This will create a line <br/> break This will create a line


<small></small> This text will be <small>small</small> This text will be small
<font color=”red”>red</font> This text will be <font color=”red”>red</font> or <font color=”#FF0000”>red</font> This text will be red
<a href=””>URL</a> This will be a <a href=””>link</a> This will be a link


A complete URL will automatically be converted to a link.

&bull; &bull; This will be bulleted • This will bulleted
&hearts; Will insert a heart &hearts; Will insert a heart ♥
&trade; This will add the Trademark &trade; symbol This will add the Trademark™ symbol
&reg; This will add the Registered &reg; Trademark symbol This will add the Registered® Trademark symbol
&copy; This will add the Copyright &copy; symbol This will add the Copyright© symbol

As you can see, formatting your Play Store description will attract the user into reading it. The developer of the Morena – Flat Icon Pack has taken advantage of this feature. He uses bullets to lay out a list of features his icon pack contains. He also uses bold text to title each paragraph and he also uses the font color feature to highlight a paragraph he wants his end users to read.

Did we miss anything? If you know some cool formatting tricks for the Play Store description, let us know in the comments!